Never promised you

Never promised you a Rose Garden

Prevent Child Abuse Utah is having a fundraiser for abused children- Please attend this weekend if you can!
My humble donation to the cause…. Hand-blown glass beads by Scott Tanner, wire wrapped in sterling silver with Swarvoski Crystals, Chalcedony faceted gems and a Precious Metal clay hand mad rose by myself all wrapped up in a charming bracelet.

“Gala at the Grand”
The 24th Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction
Friday, October 7th, 2011 at The Grand America Hotel

Hugs to all the little ones and best wishes to the fund raiser for Prevent Child Abuse Utah


Got Wine….Got Friends

For all my Green Goddess Gals:

2006 Hess Chardonnay Central Coast Wine bead earrings. This wine comes from the Monterey’s inland valley. Perfect region for chardonnay grapes with the cooling coastal breeze.
What’s more awesome than drinking wine with friends and wearing jewelry out of the same bottle!! You’ll be the hit of all your friends!  New earrings from my Wickedly Wild Recycled Wine collection of beads!! Find them here!

Hey to all my Zombie Friends……

Yup it’s finally approaching…my favorite time of year- What other holiday can you just go wild and be what ever you want to be, eat tons of chocolate and flaunt as you haunt- I’m so happy! One more month until Halloweeniyipee.

So I haven’t had time to do lots of Halloween beads so from me this year I have a few haunting sets I just put on Ebay- I’m not sure sure I want to share them as they would be stunning with my Vampire Fairy outfit….but it’s early enough I have time to make me some too.

I hope you gurls are on it and have your Zombie outfit’s picked out and are just looking for the finishing dreadful accessories to fancy yourself up! If so you can find these dreadful Skulls and Roses here this week!!  Ebay

Or maybe some Skull and Bone Garden Beads fit your fancy better!!  Your Garden Graveyard awaits!

When Life gets complicated….I Wine!

My Wickedly Wild Recycled Wine Collection has been featured today On the Beading Gem’s Journal- check it out!! Fun and informative jewelry site!

Informative and Inspirational Jewelry blog for jewelry making


Who loves 2nd changes to try, try again- I of course do- The first Honey Bee bracelet was a custom order but I just could not remake some glass beads in the shades the customer wanted- Well I had a duh moment and found the right glass just as it was time to give up- Yes I got more scarlet’s, browns and blues out of the glass.  Boro just is not easy to repeat so ya just gotta play around until it magically works- This 2nd Honey Bee bracelet is much better matched to the customer’s request- So off it goes and my Sunflower Honey Bee will go in my store!!  Enjoy

Honey BEE

I’m freezing and it’s June for heck sakes………Mother nature give us a break here- Well a rainy Fathers day so I cuddled in the studio with my warm torch and soldered up a honeybee clasp to finish up a special piece for a special customer.

So it’s been awhile since I made some jewelry- How about a Honey Bee and Sunflower bracelet- Sweet

~my friend who loves Sunflowers- please don’t look-you know who you are!! ;-}

IT’S STILL COLD……so it’s blooming inside

Sapphire Ice Dahlias on Ebay this week-

get them here!

Or some pretty French Lilac Dahlias here

Vampire fan? What about a Twilight Dahlia made from Vampire blood glass.


I don’t care……

If Winter won’t go away!!!!  It’s blooming inside and I won’t stop making these pretty Dahlias until the weather straightens up and gets beautiful!! (Yes it’s been snowing for the past 2 days- REALLY)  I’m obsessed with making these beads.  So my silly mind loves to dive in a learn something,new and then I make a few until I feel like I got the technique down- then I get bored and move on…..  So don’t know how long the spring blossoms will last or maybe they will evolve into something completely different- but it’s the flavor of the month so enjoy!!

Few sets on Ebay this week

Snow Owl Dahlias

Lavender Fields




Spring is coming…..

So one more piece for the Eccles Art Auction- and that’s all I’m submitting this year- This piece is bringing a little spring into my heart.

Mystic Pearl Art Glass Bead & Sterling Silver Bracelet: Soft violet purple & blue base of glass with deep purples, soft blues & opal reflections encased in a clear boro glass. Hand blown beads are made from a borosilicate glass and hand wire-wrapped in sterling silver wire. I added some amethyst faceted and celadon, amazonite gems to enhance the design. Added a sterling silver toggle clasp with a large silvered blister pearl to finish the piece off.

Stoned in Love

Bronzed Agate Necklace with mini glass boro pebble beads So what a crazy mix of natural stone and hand flamed boro glass beads. I instantly fell in love with this combination! Strangely they were not planned out but I found the combo by accidentally laying the two projects next to each other as I was working this weekend. This is by far the largest natural stone I have bezel in sterling silver- wow what a statement this piece makes. I found this amazing stone which really struck home as it is mined in Delta Utah- It’s a Wood Agate with rich bronze and uranium yellow tans. I instantly fell in love with it and the dynamic shape- I metalsimthed the stone into a sterling bezel with a Golden Sapphire 5mm gem. It measures 65mm long by 33 mm wide- very dramatic. The boro beads are all hand wire wrapped together and I finished the piece with a hand fabricated guitar pick clasp with a lighter citrine 6 mm stone This piece will go to the local Eccles Art Center for their annual auction this weekend. I think – I kind of want it too.

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